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100 pipers Illustration
3 Mobile - INQ Film & Animation
7 Rock Star Roses Play
About Time 1 Print
About Time 2 Print
Akram Khan Company Web
Akram Khan Company Film & Animation
Alex Tuomarila Trio Music Packaging
ALEXANDER McQUEEN Film & Animation
Alexander McQueen & Frieze Live Film & Animation
Alternative Berlin Film Festival Print
American Widow Film & Animation
Arctic Monkeys - My Propellor Film & Animation
Art In Design Illustration
Atelier Oslo Identity
AtelierOslo Web
Atomic Soul Web
Battersea Power Station Illustration
Beauty of the Dead Illustration
Benedicte Maurseth Music Packaging
Birds Play
Bohemia & Flower Identity
Bonk - Homecoming Film & Animation
British Airways Illustration
Bushmans Revenge Music Packaging
California Illustration
California girls Illustration
Cat World Play
Cell Morph Film & Animation
Chanel ballet pumps Illustration
Chanel Boutique Illustration
Characters Film & Animation
Characters 2 Film & Animation
Charcoal Blue Web
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love (Remix) Film & Animation
Cheryl Cole - GQ Magazine Film & Animation
Christmas at Bluewater Illustration
Collection of logos Identity
Construct Web
Converse - Consumers Film & Animation
Cosh Illustration
Coventry Illustration
Crimetime Orchestra Music Packaging
Dark Flowers Illustration
Det Ekte Team Northug Film & Animation
Directory of illustration Illustration
Doctor P - Animal Vegetable Mineral EP Music Packaging
Doctor P - Galaxies & Stars Film & Animation
Donne Lavoro Film & Animation
Donnelly24 Film & Animation
Easy Juicing Illustration
eBay - Wonderful Wrapping Film & Animation
ELLE MANN Identity
Emporium Fragrance Illustration
Evening Standard - ES Magazine Illustration
Eye Candy Illustration
Eye Candy Illustration
Facet Publishing Web
Falling Birds Illustration
Fashion illustration Illustration
Fashion print Illustration
Fashion Scarves Illustration
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Film & Animation
Fashion textile design Illustration
FHM Collections Illustration
Finans Forbundet Film & Animation
Finans Forbundet Web
Fjord Arkitekter Identity
Flamingos Illustration
FlexPod Web
flexpod Identity
Foliage Illustration
Food & Wine - Wine City Illustration
Freak Scene Print
Free to Air Print
Galliano Illustration
Ghilardi+Hellsten Web
Globus Media Web
Graham Chapman - A Liar's Autobiography Film & Animation
Graphic Fashion Patterns Illustration
Green Light Research Web
Haagen Dazs Illustration
Haagen-Dazs - History Film & Animation
Haugen Zohar Identity
HedKandi - Ministry Of Sound Film & Animation
Hertz Illustration
Hirondelles Illustration
Hove Festival Web
Hove Festival Print
Hove festival Print
Hove Festival 2008 Film & Animation
Hove Festival 2009 Film & Animation
Iceland - Playstation - The Fall Film & Animation
Idéfestivalen Identity
Idéfestivalen 2011 Print
Industry Approved Web
Isca Obscura Film & Animation
ITV3 Idents - Story Collections Film & Animation
ITV3 Idents pt2 - Channel Rebrand Film & Animation
Jack Daniels Birthday Illustration
Jamiroquai Film & Animation
Jazzaway Records Web
Jazzmob Music Packaging
Jazzmob Music Packaging
Jazzmob Print
Je Joue Illustration
Jeg vil bygge mitt land Music Packaging
JFW Illustration
JFW Illustration
Jimmy Cricket Illustration
John Galliano Illustration
John Galliano - Fashion Print Illustration
John Galliano - Resort AW18 Illustration
John Galliano - Resort SS 18 Illustration
John Galliano - SS 18 Illustration
John Galliano FW2017 Illustration
Jon Eberson Trio Music Packaging
Kampen Om Nilen Film & Animation
Kate Play
Katia Guerreiro Print
King Midas - Honky Tonk Film & Animation
Lana Del Rey- Burning Desire Film & Animation
Lauren Luke Illustration
Leopard All Over Prints Illustration
Levi's Film & Animation
LG Mobile - Shine Film & Animation
Liberty Film & Animation
Lovebox Festival - Planet Film & Animation
Luxure Magazine - Floral Alchemy Illustration
Luxure Magazine - Indulge Illustration
MAC Cosmetics Film & Animation
MAC Cosmetics Film & Animation
Maybourne Style Illustration
McQ Alexander McQueen Film & Animation
McQ Alexander McQueen | Men's Film & Animation
Mercedes-Benz - CLA Fine Linjer Illustration
Miami Illustration
Microsoft Norway Web
Mother Play
Motif Print
MTV - Tune My Body Film & Animation
Mulberry Film & Animation
Mulberry - Chinese New Year Film & Animation
Mulberry - From England With Love Film & Animation
Mulberry AW13 Film & Animation
Mulberry Eid Mubarak Film & Animation
Mulberry SS13 Film & Animation
Mulberry Xmas campaign Film & Animation
Munch Kyss Film & Animation
Musikk Profil Identity
MZN3 Music Packaging
Nesevis Film & Animation
Net Work Rail Illustration
New York Illustration
Nike Playmaker Film & Animation
Nissan 350Z - Short Films Film & Animation
Nissan All Mode Run Print
Nissan Cube TVC Film & Animation
Nissan GTR Evolution Film & Animation
Nissan Playstation GT Academy Film & Animation
No Added Sugar Illustration
No Added Sugar SS14 Illustration
Nokia Slices - MTV Live Sessions Film & Animation
Norges Fremtid Film & Animation
Norsk Litterature Festival Identity
Norskrockforbund Print
Nottoyield.org Identity
Number9Dream Identity
Olive Club Illustration
Orient Express Illustration
Oslo World Music Festival Identity
Oslo World Music Festival 2009 Print
Oslo World Music Festival 2010 Print
Oslo World Music Festival 2011 Print
Oslo World Music Festival 2012 Print
Oslo World Music Festival 2013 Print
OSLRW Illustration
Palm Springs Illustration
panda Play
Panda Illustration
Pilcher Hershman Web
Pleasure - Out Of Love Film & Animation
Pleasure feat. Brett Anderson - Back To You Film & Animation
Polydor Records Film & Animation
Posterscope Illustration
PRINGLES - Movie Quiz Film & Animation
Property week Illustration
Pushak Web
Rabbits Illustration
Recruiter Magazine Illustration
Red Book Illustration
REVLON Parfumerie Collection Film & Animation
Rita Ora: My Girl Lollipop! Film & Animation
Rockettothesky - Grizzly Man Film & Animation
Schwarzkopf - Essential Looks Film & Animation
Schwarzkopf - Glamour Collection Film & Animation
Shapes Play
Sheba Illustration
Shots Illustration
Skaidi Web
Sketchbook Illustration
Sketches Illustration
Sketches Play
Sketches Play
Slottsfjell Festival Print
Small Parks In Islington Print
Smug Web
Smug Lesning Identity
Sonny Simmons Music Packaging
Southgate Illustration
SpareBank 1 Film & Animation
Spirit Illustration
St Thomas Music Packaging
Stadia Illustration
Stags Illustration
Steinar Raknes Web
Struggle In Jerash Print
Su-Man Website Web
Summer Play
Svein Olav Herstad Trio Music Packaging
Swan Film & Animation
T Bar Shoreditch Illustration
Tbar Identity
Telemark Web
Telemark Festival Identity
Terry Jones - My Health Tips Film & Animation
The Canvas Lounge Illustration
The Core Music Packaging
The Core Music Packaging
The Core Music Packaging
The Council Identity
The Dark Beauty Illustration
The Future of Water Film & Animation
The Future of Water DVD Print
The Globe & Mail Illustration
The Great Race - A Story of the Zodiac Film & Animation
The Happy Factory - Hill & Friends Film & Animation
The Hidden Face Print
The Norwegian Festival of Literature Web
The Sunday Times Illustration
The Times Illustration
The Village Voice - Acid Mother's Temple Illustration
The Willow Tree Identity
The Wonderland Collection Illustration
Tiger Play
Travel & Leisure Illustration
Travel Magazine Illustration
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra Music Packaging
Trondheim Sinfonietta Music Packaging
Tubelines Illustration
Tundra* Montage 2011 Film & Animation
Tundra* Montage Reel Film & Animation
Tundra* Showreel 09 Film & Animation
Tundra* Spot 2010 Film & Animation
Tundra* Spot 2011 Film & Animation
Tyler Johnston Web
Universal Music Film & Animation
Universal Music - Zoetrope Film & Animation
Untitled 1 Play
Untitled 2 Play
Untitled 3 Play
V Inspired Awards Film & Animation
Wallpaper Illustration
Weightwatchers Illustration
WeightWatchers - Summer of You Film & Animation